Balinese Jazz

Gustu Brahmanta, Balinese Jazz musician and artist, Indonesia.
Jazz music has been spread all over the globe, including Indonesia. In Bali, the touch of jazz is brought into a different style by Gustu Brahmanta Trio which consist of Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta (drum), Ida Bagus Indra Gupta (contra bass), and I Wayan Suastika (rindik).

The trio composes jazz melody using traditional instruments such as rindik (Balinese percussion instrument made of bamboo). The pitch produced by rindik is different from conventional instruments such as guitar and piano. It only limited to pentatonic pitches. “In Bali language, it is called laras pelog,” said Gustu.

According to Gustu, in traditional Balinese orchestra there are 10 music players and tens of instruments. At least, gamelan, gong, kelenang, ceng-ceng, and pereret pengasih-asih, and rindik are prepared on the stage. “There may be up to 20 persons,” he added. The kelenang is used to replace or to be used in addition to the drum.

Their album, entitled Putri Cening Ayu was featured with Balinese folk song Jenggot Uban. Other songs such as Uber Barong and Legong Keraton on the album have proved that the trio is able to merge jazz and pelog into a captivating music.(ANANDA