BPS: Indonesia’s GDP Up by 5.78 Percent in 2013

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Statistics Indonesia (BPS) announced that Indonesia’s GDP had experienced a 5.78 percent increase in 2013.

According to BPS, the growth occurs on all economic sectors with the highest increase of 10.19 percent recorded by the transportation and communication sector. Meanwhile, sector with the lowest percentage of growth was the mining and drilling with only a 1.34 percent growth rate.

According to BPS, Indonesia’s GDP in 2013 measured based on current prices was recorded at Rp 9.084 trillion (around US$753.99 billion). Meanwhile, Indonesia’s GDP measured based on constant prices was Rp 2.770 trillion (around US$229.91).

Indonesia’s GDP in the fourth quarter of 2013 dropped by 1.42 percent compared to the third quarter. However, compared to the second quarter of 2012, GDP in the fourth quarter of 2013 increased by 5.72 percent.

based on government’s expenditure, Indonesia’s economic growth in 2013 had experienced a 5.3 percent increase. Followed by increases on household consumption (5.28 percent), government consumption (4.87 percent), and gross fixed capital formation (4.72 percent).