Darmasiswa Scholarship, latest application mid February 2012

Darmasiswa is a scholarship program open to all foreign students from countries with which Indonesia has friendly relations to study Indonesian language, art, music and crafts. Participants can choose to study at any of the state universities and colleges participating in the program.


The Darmasiswa Program is offered with 3 schemes, i.e :
• Reguler Darmasiswa Program – 1 year
The program is a one-year scholarship program to study Bahasa Indonesia, traditional music, traditional dance, and Indonesian craft in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions.

• Short Course Darmasiswa Program – 6 months
The program is a six-month scholarship program only to study Bahasa Indonesia in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions.

• Summer Month Program – 3 months
The program will take place during the summer month (June-August). This program is intended to study very specific field, therefore it is strongly advised that the participant have a background from the same field.


1. Exemption from tuition fee.
2. Monthly allowance in the amount of 2.000,000 Rupiahs per month (approximately 160 Euros).

For information:
The Ministry of Education and the University/College will not provide any lodging or board to the participants of the Darmasiswa programme. The participant may rent a house/room in accordance with his/her preference and financial capacity. The Bureau may however, provide assistance to the participant in looking for a suitable boarding house/accommodation.
All participants are advised to bring enough pocket money in preparation for their studies in Indonesia. This is because the monthly allowance from the Ministry will not sufficient to cover the monthly needs and accommodation.


To qualify for the DARMASISWA program the applicant should:

1. Have filled up the application form provided by the Ministry of National Education through the Indonesian Embassy at his/her country of residence.
2. Have completed High School Education or its equivalent.
3. Submit the copy of academic transcript.
4. Be not more than 35 years of age.
5. Be in good health as evidenced by a Medical Certificate duly signed by a doctor from their countries of residence.
6. Have submitted his/her application through the Indonesian Attaché/Embassy in his/her country of residence and have proof of his/her nationality in that country.
7. Submit five (5) recent photos measuring 4×6 cm attached with the application form.
8. Have a basic knowledge of the field he/she is applying for.
9. Submit a photocopy of his/her passport which valid for at least 18 months.
10. Be fluent in English for communication.


1. All applicants should have filled up the application forms provided by the Ministry of National Education through the Indonesian Embassy in his/her country of residence and submitted the abovementioned applications through the same office.

2. Applicants who have submitted complete application forms (3 copies) are then reviewed for selection as candidates for the Darmasiswa program.

3. All applications should be received by the Bureau for International Cooperation, Minister of National Education, Republic of Indonesia by the end of February of the year of commencement of the Darmasiswa program at the latest.


The result of selection is going to be announced in May 2012. All successful applicants are then requested to confirm their participation by the beginning of June 2012.


The Government of the Republic of Indonesia does not provide the airfare return ticket of the participants from home country to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) and vice versa. However, the Ministry of National Education will cover the transportation expenses from Jakarta to the region where their selected university is located.

Bureau of Planning
And International Cooperation
Ministry of National Education
Republic of Indonesia

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Athens
99, Marathonodromon Street, 154 52
Paleo Psychico, Athens